Plasma cutter for sale

If you are a creative artist or a manufacturer looking to finish the parts, plasma cutting can offer unlimited possibilities for you. Plasma cutting is a process where metals or other electrically conductive materials can be cut through with the help of hot plasma. It is usually used to cut steel and aluminum along with copper and brass. It is one of the most widely used methods in the manufacturing of automatic repair and the Restoration and construction of industrial goods. On the other hand it is also used by creative artists to create stunning pieces and designs for home d├ęcor.

Plasma cutting makes use of an electrical channel of heavily heated ionized gas which is plasma. It allows the work piece to be cut according to the desired shape and design there is enough heat in the plasma to melt through the work piece. The high-speed plasma blows the hot molten metal away and help separate the work piece.

It can easily cut thick as well as thin materials. A handheld plasma cutter can easily cut up to 38 mm of a thick metal sheet. On the other hand the stronger professional cutters can cut up to 150 mm of metal. It should be kept in mind that plasma cutters produces hot and localized cone for cutting and is easy to cut the sheets into curved or any sort of angle shape.

The advantages and disadvantages of using plasma cutters

There are several benefits associated with the use of plasma cutters. It can be operated on one or more burners depending upon the series of metal sheets which need to be cut. It can easily cut through all sorts of electrically conductive material.

It has a high cutting speed sometimes it is 10 times higher than any kind of metal cutter. When it comes to processing high quality sheets of medium thickness it is the best equipment which is available. With the help of plasma cutting you can have guaranteed automation and it can also be used under water so that there is very low heat exposure and a low level noise at the workplace.

However it also has certain disadvantages like a high power consumption. On the other hand it may not have the high cutting quality which is offered by lasers

Most work men make use of manual plasma cutters in the workshops when the need thin metal processing and welding. On the other hand mechanized plasma cutters are larger than the manual ones which are available in the market. These are used in conjunction with the cutting tables. This can be integrated into the laser or the robot cutting system. However this depends upon the size of the plasma cutter and the portal which is used also it should be kept in mind that the large plasma cutter might not be easy to maneuver and its components should be considered before the system is installed.

When using plasma cutters, make sure you are properly dressed and protected from accidents. Contact IQS Solutions for safety wear at work.