Commercial deep fryer – which one to purchase?

You will usually find commercial deep fryers in restaurants, and other food places that do a lot of frying. It can be really hard to decide which deep fryer will be best for your business. Of course, you will want to buy the right one for your food business. When choosing a deep fryer, you will need to keep in mind your purposes. What kind of food will you be cooking? How quickly will it need to be cooked?

Commercial deep fryers are really great for all kinds of different foods. They can cook several types and are really good for things like food trucks when the menu is small but still very delicious and fun. Commercial deep fryers can cook onion rings, and fries and the process is very simple and easy. After the oil is up to temperature, the food is added to the wire mesh basket and then slowly dropped down into the oil.

But even though the process is so easy, there are still quite a few things you need to consider in order to choose the fryer that is just right for you. This guide has been put together to hopefully make the decision process a little bit easier. So, let’s get started.

Guide to buying a commercial deep fryer

Commercial deep fryers are not that cheap, and you’ll want to be very smart when making your purchase. You will want to go over quite a few of these factors to determine whether you are purchasing the right one for you. Right away, you can do some research to aid in this process, such as looking at the rating of the products, looking into the warranties, and comparing prices and features with other products.  The bottom line is that you’ll want to get the most durable one without breaking your bank. Because not all deep fryers are the same, you can go through the list below to determine which one you are wanting to purchase for your kitchen.

The different types of deep fryers

You have two main differences: electric or gas. If your kitchen already has a gas line, then your decision on which one to get just got easier since the cost to run your deep fryer will be a lot cheaper.

Electric deep fryers are cheaper to purchase and go really well with a small business where there won’t be a lot of maintenance. As far as the food goes, whether you are cooking in a gas fryer or electric fryer doesn’t make a difference. So do not worry about taste when trying to decide between these two options. Also, whether you go with an electric fryer or gas fryer, you can make all the same foods. Again, you don’t need to worry about that as far as this goes. 

Does size and weight matter?

Yes, size and weight matter especially depending on how much food you will need to cook at once or per day. With that being said, let’s talk about the different types of commercial deep fryers and which one will be better for you.

If you know you’re going to be cooking lots of food every day, then you will need a larger tank of oil. Imagine a 40-pound deep fryer. They can usually cook 60 pounds of food every hour and sometimes more. If you’re really looking to cook large quantities of food at once, you can also look into what is called a “floor fryer” as they are really good for catering to large amounts of food at once.

But if you are a smaller company and are only looking to purchase a deep fryer for your food truck or café, then you could easily go with a singer fryer which you can install on your workbench.