A Guide to Style and Design Park Furniture

It is the solemn duty of a city council or town council to design and install park furniture in place for people to utilise them and enjoy their outdoor adventure. Park furniture, therefore, must exhibit certain characteristics that add value to a place. The following are key elements park furniture must have and procurement personnel must understand before acquiring.

Elements Park Furniture Should Have

Durable and reliable: park furniture needs quality and sustainable products, this area has become competitive in recent years and there have been rapid development and improvement in park furniture. The stiff competition is seen to raise advancement in product appeal and sturdiness they exhibit adding to the park furniture revolution. There has been a shift from the heavy use of steel furniture to recycled plastic furniture, wooden and aluminium castings. You can’t miss spotting wooden park furniture in most parks in Australia. This shift should be maintained moving forward but wooden furniture should be treated correctly to extend its life significantly.

Maintenance: when selecting park furniture, one should consider maintenance such as ease of repair and replacement, part replacement, and the cost of carrying out regular maintenance because this furniture will be exposed to the weather elements. Timber furniture will require a coating to prevent it from absorbing water.

Aesthetic appeal: furniture installed in the parks must spark aesthetic appeal to attract more people to make use of it. Furniture in the park must be useful to people and at the same time provide aesthetic appeal. Parks provide an opportunity for people to adventure and spend a good time in the wilderness, adding furniture enhances the landscape and compliments trees and shrubs.

Comfort and accessibility: installing furniture in places that are easily accessible is an important factor to consider. Some are more complex to access making it difficult for kids to use. When selecting furniture for parks, there are critical aspects to consider such as ease of use, comfort and accessibility to all. Some furniture is designed for use by adults while others are meant for children. The council should balance to ensure all furniture is accessible to all. Other furniture like bins have cigarette trays where smokers can cast cigarette tops to avoid waste catching fire.

Examples of furniture that can be installed in the parks

Park barbecues: it is not a surprise to find bbq installed at distinct distances within the park. This allows barbecue lovers to have a good time in the wilderness while still enjoying what they love. BBQs installed in the parks are made from stainless steel for durability and ease of maintenance.

Playground seating: some playground seating provide playful styles to attract people to rest on them after a long while walking in the park.

Park bins: to ensure the environment is left free of litter, park bins are recommended and the designs may vary depending on the designers and architectures working on these parks. Some bins are meant for recyclable waste while others are meant for inorganic matter. People will read the labels before depositing waste in these bins.

Picnic tables: normally, they are designed from wood but it does not limit the use of other materials like steel, aluminum, and other alloys. Install commercial park furniture to embrace the great outdoors in strategic positions in the parks to provide ample places for people to chat and catch a breath.