Learning About Spray Painters

One of the most challenging jobs can be painting a house with a brush or roller, and it takes many hours and lots of work. However, the job can be made easier and quicker by spray painters as long as you know to do it or hire a professional to do it for you. Paint sprayers do an excellent job on large painting projects like house painting.

1. Pros of paint sprayers

Paint sprayers let you cover a much broader surface with a lot less effort than when using paint brushes or roller. A section to paint with a roller can take about five minutes, while with spray paint, it only takes a minute. Paint sprayers let painters go over bumps, gaps, and other surface imperfections that can cause problems when using brushes or rollers. Corners and creases are made much easier to cover with sprayers. You can get a much more even coat of paint, but you have to be careful of overlapping. Indoors a paint sprayer might not be as advantageous, but it is a great choice for outdoor painting. It will also cover wider areas with a lot less motion.

2. Cons of paint sprayers

There is a lot more preparation required before using a paint sprayer than if using a brush or roller. Every surface has to be covered if you don’t want to get paint on it. It also requires additional time to get a paint sprayer cleaned since they have to be thoroughly cleaned before the paint dries in the gun or tubing. Paint sprayers are not a good choice for working in small areas and are best when used for large painting projects.

3. Airless cup gun or cart paint sprayer

– Cup Gun Sprayers are a cheap variation that is good for those who are doing their own spray painting.  These sprayers operate by electricity and have a gun sitting on top of a reservoir. The reservoir holds a small amount of paint, about a quart. They do not require a separate air compressor to push out the paint since the cup gun sprayer has its own compressor. All you have to do is plug it in, and the price is affordable. The downside to this is that the reservoir depletes quickly, and you have to get more paint more often.

– Airless Cart-Style Paint Sprayers operate electrically. Cart style paint sprayers have two advantages. They have a more extensive reservoir and can draw from on gallon to five-gallon buckets of paint, and they have longer hoses for a better range of mobility. Some of these sprayers even support hoses up to 150 linear feet. This makes it easy to move about from one spot to another as your spray. Being large and bulky, they cost more and need more storage space.

It is up to you to decide on whether to use a paint sprayer or the usual method of brush or roller. It depends on how large of an area you are going to paint and how much time you want to spend on the job. It is always an easier task and does make painting less of a chore by using a paint sprayer. You can get more information about paint sprayers online before you make your decision. Before deciding to purchase a paint sprayer, you also have the option of renting the equipment in the Brisbane area.

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